Tuesday, 1 November 2011

why it rains?


       Long time ago,there was no rain. This condition maked comodo island was be waterless. So,a comodo and his mother that lived with other comodo in a group felt hard to get water and food.
        Comodo felt poor to look his mother. So,comodo decided to go out from comodo island to search food for his mother. But,comodo didn't come back. His mother felt so worry and searched him anywhere. But,she failed to find him. They never meet again up to some month.
       One day,when his mother got rest under a big tree after she searched comodo,she saw some comodo were eating an animal. Undeliverate,she saw his son. But,his son didn't want to say that she was his mother.
       His mother felt so sad to hear that and said that he is an rebellious son and she  hoped that the God would judge for him.
   Finally,a big white monkey went down from the sky. He brought comodo to the sky. Comodo was very sad and be worry. He just can cry and the rain was happen for the first time.


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