Saturday, 18 February 2012

Short story of sleeping beauty

Long time ago,there lived a king that wanted a child. After he waited so long, he got his child. To celebrated fiance his daughter, he hold a big party. His daughter’s name is Aurora. At the time, there were three fairies who give bless. When the third fairy would gived bless, the witch came and curred his daughter. The curse is if Aurora a pin needle, she would die. But, the third fairy who gived a bless before and gived dispensation is if Aurora a pin needle,she just slept for any time. Three fairies had an idea to brought Aurora to Jungle.

Day by day keep walking. The King was so worried. But, in other place witch was so bussy to searched Aurora. At Aurora birthday,three fairies would gived a surprise. Aurora went to Jungle to take some fruit, but she met a handsome prince. They falling in love. The witch’s bird known Aurora’s house in the Jungle.

Aurora came back to home. She wanted to met prince again, but fairies not allow it. Aurora when to palace and stay alone. Then the witch hypnotic  her to touch needle. Aurora a pin needle and slept. Three fairies felt so sad. After that , they searched the prince to given kiss fir Aurora. 

Finally,the prince given kiss for Aurora. Aurora woke up. They got married and been happyly family.
Moral value : Love and goodness conquer all

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