Monday, 11 June 2012

drama bahasa inggris

Bella , mengangguk
(tidak lama kemudian, siti keluar dan eha tetap tidur)
Malem-malem denger radio
Pembawa acara(ulfa):
Good nighat every body. Come back eith me mitch torves. This night I will read you a letter from someone. Listen to me.
Hanny, my best friend.. don’t worry about your condition. I believe that you will be recover. Here,we,your best friend always pray for you. Believe and certain that we can paly together again. Promise to me that you will be recover you will give your sweetest smile to all of your friend. Okey? We love you Hanny.
Your friend,Bella
Okey, that is the sweetset letter and it is very very enchanting. For hanny,where ever you are, I hope you can hear this letter and you will get recovered. Amin.
(keesokan harinya)
(bella,halen and John menjenguk hanny)
John : hello,hanny..
Hanny : oh, hi guys..
Helen : how about your condition?
Hanny : hmm.. look like that you see now(senyum)
Bella : uuu.. it’s not a joke
Hanny : hee.. O.K.Hmm.. guys, I think my live is not long again. In my last time, I want to see you all and anna be friend again, and..
Bella : stop hanny! Please stop it ! don’t say like that. You will be recovered. Believe it.
Hanny : no bella,no.. doctor said that my age is not long again.
Helen : huh..(menghela nafas). I think we should to go home now. We will come back tomorrow.
Bella : bye hanny.. believe that you will be recover( senyum ngasih semangat)
Keesokan harinya di sekolah
Bella : hmm.. anna, I’m so sorry for my mistake. I know it make you so confuse. But, I’m serious I’m so sorry.
Anna : me too. Why are you like this? Any problem ?
Bella : yes, doctor said that hanny’s age is not long again. Hanny really really want to see you and us be a good friend again. So, I’m sorry so much for all of my mistake that I had done to you.
Anna : are you sure? Oh.. I’m sorry to hear that. I also hope we can be a good friend again.
Bella : hmm.. anna.. do you want to see hanny in the hospital after school?
Anna : yes,of course I want.
Bella : thanks for all of it.
Pulang sekolah
Siti,ulfa,dani,teddy ngumpul di halaman tengah
John : hi bella, will anna goes to hospital with we ?
Bella : yes,she will.
Hallen : O.K,let’s go to hospital!
Di rumah sakit
Anna : hi,hanny. How are you ?
Hanny : hi,anna. I’m fine. Are you come here yourself ?
Anna : no, I come here with Bella,hellen and John. Guys please come here.
Bella : hanny.. We had be a friend with anna again. It is that you want,right?
Hanny : yes,that ‘s right.. I feel so happy now.
Helen : how about your condition ?
Hanny : I’m fine.(senyum)
John : yeah, you always say like that everytime.
All : hahaha..
Ngeliat jam
Hellen : oh.. I think the sun will be set soon. We must go home now,hanny.
Hanny : O.K. be carefull on the way,guys.
All(kec.hanny) : absolutly. Bye hanny. See you tomorrow.
Hanny : see you too guys.
In  the Next day after school
Bel pulang
Anna : let’s we go to the hospital again!
Bella : O.K
Di rumah sakit
Hellen : hanny..
Hanny tetep tidur
Bella : john,let you call doctor.
John keluar kamar manggil dokter
Dokter masuk dan nyuruh semua keluar
Dokter : can you wait in out door? Please! I will check her first.
(semua keluar0 bella mondarmandir. Yg lain duduk.
Helen : bella,stop please. All will be O.K.
Dokter keluar dengan muka sedih
Bella : how about her condition,doc?
Doctor : I’m so sorry. I can’t do more. She was passed away.
Bella : no doctor .. no.. you lie
Doctor : no, I’m sure. I’m sorry so much. Let her go rest in peace.
All,muka ssedih,masuk dan liat eha udah pucet.
Keesokan harinya,eha dimakamin,semua nabur bunga,pulang masing2
5 years latter in the same place
John : hi.. bella,hellen,anna..(ditunjuk satu2)
3 org : oh..hi john.
Hellen : I’m not see you for along time.
Anna : me too.
Bella : how are you?
John,hellen : we are fine.
Anna : me too. How about you,bella ?
Bella : I’m fine too. By the way, I want to visit hanny’s grave. Who want to follow me ?
John : that’s a good idea. We will folloe you,bella.
Bella :O.K,let’s we go!
Hellen : now ?
John : no,next year.. absolutely now..
Bella,anna : haha..
Di makam hanny
Bella : hanny,can you sel us from heaven? We had be succes person now. Can you see us?
Nabur bunga
John : I think day will be night,so let us go home.
(jalan disyut dari belakang)


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