Friday, 6 June 2014


Indonesian Conservation Community Warsi revealed Jambi, Besudut, a child of the jungle  successfully passed the selection of new admissions Jambi University. He became the first jungle child entered formal higher education universities.

"Yes, we are very grateful heard Besudut, one of the children of the jungle successfully passed the entrance to the Jambi University in 2013," said PR KKI Warsi, Sukmareni in Jambi, Tuesday (30/7). It is said Reni, Besudut using the name Abdul Jalil has successfully hacked the social stigma. Rimba child has been considered backward in education.

"Besudut is one of our mentoring children for many years which can usually be successfully reach the taste of formal education up to the university to realize its goal of being a teacher," said Susan.

According to Susan, Besudut graduated at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (Guidance and Counseling) majoring in Elementary Teacher Education (PGSD) after follow Unja test held in June last.

Previously, Susan added, Besudut is the only child of the jungle who have successfully passed the National Examination (UN) school with an average value of convincing, namely 6.8 in the formal school he attended. "In the past, from the outset Besudut indeed is one of the most persistent jungle child be educated child," he said.

Besudut (22 years) has been eager to follow the alternative education program held KKI Warsi. He started primary school at the age has been too mature for it after following a series of tests he directly received in the fourth grade, but thanks to his performance then he could otherwise go straight into the sixth grade he became successful completion of primary school in just over 1.5 years, " Reni said.

Susan said it expects Besudut may also motivate other children to also actively pursue her dream as a child paradigm case of the present jungle of more advanced touch the formal world.

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