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Proclaimers well as our first President, Ir. Sukarno was a charismatic figure who innately firm. And he is also very understand the world of youngster.

Jocks in Indonesian style changes. Contemporary style jocks who are known as "Alay". In the era of Sukarno ruled that in the 1960s, was an era jocks flowers generations. President Sukarno hates jocks at that time. It is not without reason.

When the period of Guided Democracy, Sukarno opposed to all the things of the West, because the West is considered imperialias and colonialist. Therefore Bung Karno did not like the style of young people who westernized. Sukarno wanted Indonesian youth have a strong character and high revolutionary spirit. "Give me ten youths burning his love for the country, and I will shake the world," he said at the time.

Here are the things that do not like the jocks of Sukarno in the 1960s.

1. Musical ngak ngik ngok

The Beatles 1960 fever is endemic throughout the world. Indonesia is also not spared. But for Sukarno, the Beatles considered only lull Indonesian youth through song verses are considered only contains love and hippie lifestyles. "Music ngak ngik ngok", he said.

Then he acts tough. If there is an artist caught playing music ngak ngik ngok will be required down the stage. LPs Western songs difficult to enter Indonesia. When the communists also burn LPs of the Beatles. Caught playing a Beatles song, threatened with subversive article. So many players who had arrested. Koes brothers one of them. Is the background of this is political, then Indonesia is at odds with the UK which forms a federation of Malaysia. Of course Sukarno hate on the Beatles from Liverpol, England.

2. Tights

Still related to the Beatles. At that time not only the songs of the Beatles are endemic to the whole world but the way they look, including tights and high heels. President Sukarno does not like things that are so westernized. For him there was no place in Indonesia to the western smelling things. So he ordered the police to raid a young child (slang) wearing tights. The trick is simple. the police brought a bottle of ketchup, if it turns out that the bottle can not get into the pants, the pants are considered tights and pants are cut to the thigh without mercy. People who see will laugh funny sight.

3. Mini Skirt

Although known menyukaiwanita pretty, but Sukarno did not like women who wear miniskirts in public places. Since the first Soekarno more like women who dress modestly for her partner. It is never admitted at the time of marriage Fatmawati. "I told him, I love women with authenticity, not the women who wear short skirts, tight clothes and lipstick lips dazzling," Sukarno.

But though it is not like miniskirts, Sukarno ordered the police never cut a woman's skirt as if a teenage boy wearing shorts.

4. USA's Films

He never watched a movie called Broken Arrows. The film tells the love story between American cavalry officer with an Indian girl. The tragic end of this film. So when he met Eric Johnson, leader of United Artists who make movies, Sukarno questioned tragic story in the film Broken Arrows.

"Why did the Indian girl had to die at the end of the story? Why would they not be used as a pair of pigeons happy? Do you not think that we were offended by craftiness in the white screen that is too obvious. Differences in skin color that you profess evoke feelings of disgust Asians! To the extent that you show humility of the people of color, "kecamnya.
Answer Johnson hurt Sukarno.

"The film business is a business to make money. The people who came from the southern part will boycott this film if whites and brown skin girl finally happy life, "said Johnson.
Then Sukarno knew there was even in the movie propaganda about the United States racial differences. Therefore he forbade young Indonesian children watch western movies because they can damage the morale

5. Ponytail hair

President Sukarno would like to look young should reflect the customary eastern Indonesia. He was upset to see young children rambul style ala the Beatles. If you look at the youth follow the style of The Beatles haircut, then Sukarno ordered to cut in public places. Again, police are assigned to conduct raids. Unfortunately, the police will trim the hair on young people at random. If there is a young man who got a raid, then the public will be busy cheering and laughing at the victim.

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