Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Koran was sung at the Vatican for the first time

Inter-religious harmony is created at the Vatican, Sunday, June 8, 2014 last. The leader of the Holy See, Francis Pope invited Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to come together in order to pave the peace of two states that has such a long conflict.

The leaders of several faiths, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews pray together according to their respective beliefs. For the first time in history, the Koran was sung at the Vatican. In addition, also recited verses from the Holy Bible and the Torah. 

In a video uploaded on YouTube EHNATV seen a Muslim cleric read Surat Al Baqarah verse 285-286 in a regional park Vatican. In the recording lasted about 7 minutes it also looks Pope Francis, President Peres, and President Abbas solemnly listening scripture.

After the ceremony, the Pope explained, "This meeting is a prayer for peace in the Holy Land (Jerusalem), the Middle East, and around the world," he said as quoted from Turkishweekly, Tuesday (10/06/2014). "Prayer was sung from those countless numbers, from various cultures, nations, and religions. They prayed in this meeting, even all united with the same hopes and prayers," he added.

President Peres also appreciated the initiative of Pope Francis to reconcile the world. He was honored to be invited at the Vatican.  "Invitation for us in this important ceremony to call for peace here, Vatican park, in the presence of Jews, Christians, Muslims, that reflects the vision and aspirations of us all: peace ..." said Peres to the Pope, as published in Christian News.

In addition to the President of Israel and Palestine, as well leader of the Greek Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew and Druze Leader (cult) in Lebanon Sheikh Moafaq Rates. There are also a number of groups of representatives from each religion.        

Page Vatican Insider report, the spiritual leader of Israel's Druze Sheikh Moafaq Rates and Muslim Community Leaders in Israel Sheikh Mohammad Kiwan also present. So is the religious leaders of the Muslim and Christian Palestinians. They attended the historic event.

The Vatican earlier confirmed that a meeting between religious leaders and the state, including the Pope, Abbas and Peres is a "political lag". That is, there is no political element in addition to reconcile Israelis and Palestinians.


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