Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Lampung Typical Food


Eating seruit, Lampung people called it Nyeruit. Lampung people usually “nyeruit” with grilled catfish, vegetables such as cucumbers, squash stew, fresh leaves, eggplant, with white rice that is still hot. I tasted it and you must taste it because it’s so yummy. You will be so sorry if you come to Lampung but never taste Seruit. Believe me!

Probably still quite a lot of people do not know what is tempoyak? According to my culinary trail, it is a Lampung typical food which is fermented from durian. You know durian, right?? Because fermented, the taste is slightly sour. Somebodies said, this tempoyak better if eaten mixed with seriut. I heard that then so directly just want to taste it. I believe that I will love it.


I'm sure there are enough people who already know this lapis legit. My friend said anyway, the ingredients to make a legit layer is eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and still a few more that I forgot it anyway,, hhee. The taste is unquestionable, the name itself is lapis legit, definitely taste leeggiittt .. I still have often tried it, it is totally legit


For the citizens of Lampung, Eid is uncomplete without sekubal. Snacks made ​​from sticky rice and coconut milk is always there at the table and eaten finished Eid Salah. Lampung tribe's traditional dish is usually eaten with rendang spice or sticky tape.

Sekubal which began to be made five days before Eid day can last up to a week. Making this meal takes about 10 hours. The trick, which has given coconut sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. In addition to Eid, is a typical food found during traditional events such as the Lampung people traditional marriage, circumcision, and custom begawi. While on a normal day is quite difficult to find food.


Kemplang is typical of Lampung, South Sumatra and surrounding areas, so if I say the food taste not distinctive lampung also because there are other areas as well. Crackers is quite special because it's not fried in oil in baked so that it does not contain oil, this is great for reducing fried.
Kemplang easement is very famous for besides savory filling so that it can also be eaten as a snack. Usually eat Kemplang with sauce or also with vinegar, taste muan yummy and make us addicted.  

It,s not hard to get it because it has been sold in the market as well as in supermarkets. In lampung itself is very easy to find, with prices starting from Rp. 1000 untill Rp 25,000 per pack depending on the number and content of the fish.

You will not called ever come to Lampung if you have not enjoyed the Lampung chips. Lampung chips there are various kinds, the most well-known is the banana chips and jackfruit chips. Lampung chips are available in a variety of different flavors. So, it varies Lampung chips. we challenge you to enjoy. Come and accept our challenge.

That's not all of Lampung typical food. Lampung has more of them. If want to taste all, just come to Lampung then you will enjoy all.


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