Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pengalaman lucu dalam bahasa inggris

humorous teacher
I was 6th graderin my elementary school. I had a humorous teacher. He was social sciences teacher. One day, when my class is teached by him,he asked to my class,” student , Indonesia between two oceans and two ...?” my class answered ,”continents!”. My teacher said that we was false and the true sentence is Indonesia between two oceans and two of all is so large. My class had been cofused. And then, my teacher continued his question,”O.K. student, now about fauna. Crocodile is reptile animal , cow is herbivore animal and lion is..........? my class answer,” carnivore animal”. But, my teacher said that we was false again. And the true sentence was “ Lion is so scary animal”. My class had been more confused. After that, my teacher laugh out loud and said that we was true. Hear that, my class laugh out too.

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arden tanamal said...

Sangat membantu gan untuk
tugas bahasa inggris sy makasih ya ^_^