Friday, 22 August 2014


Relics of history shows that once Lampung is part of the Kingdom of Srivijaya until the 11th century. After that, Lampung became part of the Kingdom of Malay. Some megalithic relics that still exist in Pugungraharjo believed more than 1,000 years old. This suggests that the Lampung influenced Hinduism and Buddhism. Sultanate of Banten, Lampung occupied since 1500 to 1800 M. Banten crown prince, Sultan Haji, cede some Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa’s territory to Deutchmans. This includes Lampung as a gift to the Dutch for help against the Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa.

Lampung with fertile soil known as the producer of black pepper. Black pepper also that inspired the Europeans to dominate the region.
Mastering world source spice means mastering the world trade and of course its territory. Not surprisingly, this region of the Sultanate of Banten worry in others seized. VOC claims to rule this region until the 17th century. Dutch government could move people to Lampung to address the problem of overcrowding in Java.
Lampung heyday as a source of black pepper also inspired artists to create songs Tanoh Lada (Pepperland). In fact, when it became a province of Lampung inaugurated on March 18, 1964, the black pepper one part that regional symbols. However, unfortunately this time it has faded glories.

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