Friday, 22 August 2014


Graffiti ink history of Ancient China calls a region in the southernmost part of Sumatra called "Lampung" or "South wind region". This suggests that Lampung has been known for a long time there and in the world of commerce.

Lampung Province is generally flat with the area of high mountains such as Mount Pesagi, Tanggamas, Seminiung, Sekincau and Kingdom who is not an active volcano. Bandar Lampung, the capital of Lampung, formerly two separate town, namely the Port of Telok Betong
and Tandjungkarang and both covered by volcanic ash when Mount Krakatoa erupted.

In a further development, the city has become one city. Lampung Province is geographically located between 3045 'South Latitude and 103 050' - 105 050 'east longitude with an area of ​​35,376,50 km ². Rainfall in Lampung high enough each month ranged between 2-27 days. Temperatures ranged between 22,50C -32,80C with humidity ranging between 80% -88%.

Many types of tours that you can
visit in Lampung among several old villages such as Sukau, Liwa, Kembahang, Batu Brak, Kenali, Ranau, and Krui West Lampung. There is also a Sekura Festival held in the week after Eid in West Lampung, Krakatau Festival in Bandar Lampung, Stabas Bay Festival in the West, Way Kambas Festival in East Lampung.

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